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Hello Dog Lovers

Hi! My name is Mark Greathouse. I have been a professional trainer in the Central Florida area for over 17 years and now reside in Connecticut. Specializing in positive reinforcement training. During that time I have worked with a very wide variety of breeds and dogs from 10 weeks to 10 years.

(Yes...you can teach old dogs new tricks or anything else)

I will work with you in your home, neighborhood as well as in any other more distracting environments depending on the needs of your dog. Working with them in areas outside of their comfort zone is just as important as working with them in your home.

All of my training is guaranteed and I look forward to teaching you and your dog how to have a fun, rewarding, life by communicating properly and developing a strong bond through positive training.

I am excited to hear from you and learn about your specific situation.

See you soon!
Mark Greathouse