What do Our clients have to say?


"We rescued our 3 year old Luna from a shelter knowing she had been there more than once. It was apparent to us that she had very little training. Luna got along with people just fine, but we quickly found out that she was not getting along with other dogs. Luna was barking, growling, and lunging at every dog she encountered. Taking Luna for walks or to the parks quickly started to become a nightmare. From day one with Mark we became aware that it wasn't only Luna that would need to be trained. If Luna was going to change her behavior we needed to change our behavior as well. Mark was 100% successful in making this happen for all of us. Sure, anyone can look in a book or go on the Internet to find information, but honestly that's just not the same as spending time with a professional dog trainer. Mark carefully monitored our progress and was able to notice changes we were not aware of. Mark did not overwhelm us with hundreds of things to remember. Our training with Mark was fun and memorable! Both Luna's and our own confidence levels have changed dramatically! Taking Luna for walks and to the parks is now an absolute joy for all of us!"
Thank you so much Mark!

- Cassandra, Isabella, Elizabeth, and Trace; Dog:  Luna


"Mark came to our house and sat down with us and our dog Buddy. He listened to our goals and objectives and designed a personalized training routine. Mark, by far, is the best trainer we've ever had. We can't think hime enough and Buddy loves him"

-Kevin & Joanne; Dog: Buddy


"I adopted Maggie and quickly realized we had to start training. She had so much energy that I felt she needed a job. We went through Therapy Dog training with Mark. There were often times when I was not sure Maggie would be a good Therapy Dog candidate, but with Mark's patience and our perseverance we passed all tests and Maggie was certified and has been volunteering as a Therapy Dog ever since. Mark is very knowledgeable and has extensive dog training experience. He is always willing to discuss how to address the problem behaviors. I would highly recommend enrolling in training with him."

- Linda; Dog: Maggie


"My name is Tabatha. My husband, Doug and I got an American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) when he was 9 weeks old. His name is Echo. We decided the day we got him to make him a Therapy Dog! We made this decision because APBT get such a bad shake in the media. It is not the breed of animal, it is how they are raised and treated.
We started training at a local pet store and he did great. Within a few months he got his CGC then on to Therapy Dog training with Mark. Mark came highly recommended from obedience trainers that we knew. I spoke with him and from our conversation, knew that he would help us accomplish our goal of making Echo a therapy dog! He was thorough and helpful at all times and every step of the way helped us and Echo, achieve confidence that we could do it! I remember when he said to us, "just because you want Echo to be a therapy dog doesn't necessarily mean he wants to be!" I knew as soon as he saw how much Echo loved people he would realize he was born for this! We are so pleased that we both were able to test with Echo and becomes "handlers". I do not believe we could have succeeded without Mark's experience and his "knack" for understanding how dogs think. He always had a positive suggestion on how to better help us and Echo. Echo is now a licensed Therapy Dog International ambassador and an ambassador of Pit Bulls everywhere!" Thanks So Much Mark!

-Tabatha;  Dog: Echo


"We have had great success training our rescue puppy with Mark Greathouse. No other animal trainers can even compare to Mark and his abilities. Mark is unsurpassed in his knowledge of training techniques and his unique ability to immediately connect with our puppy. He is truly a 'dog whisperer!' We are so fortunate to have found Mark "

- Mike;  Dog:  Lilly


"Kudos to Mark Greathouse for an outstanding job on training our Lakeland Terrier puppy, Max. Patience, kindness and consistency were Mark's talents while teaching Max. He trained our family as well to know how to continue Max's teachable moments and what a success! We have the dog we always wanted for our son; loving, kind, friendly, obedient and playful! We can't thank you enough,
Mark! You are the "Dog Whisperer" in our home! "

- Dr. and Mrs. Foss; Dog:  Max