Basic Obedience

Dogs thrive on having structure and rules in their lives. If you dont give them rules, they tend to make their own. Our training provides this much needed structure. It can help overly exuberant dogs learn to be calmer and give shy dogs greater confidence. While there are many ways to train a dog, we feel it is best , and most effective,  to use positive reinforcement, with an emphasis on verbal praise and encouragement. This can be accomplished by replacing bad habits with desirable behaviors.

Basic Obedience:

There are many reasons to take your dog through training classes, ranging from basic day-to-day good behavior to taking the first step toward becoming a Therapy Dog. Basic obedience training, which would be 4 or 8 sessions packages, include commands and behaviors you want your dog or puppy to learn, along with some basic behavior modification. There are many other commands and behaviors to go over, but these are just a few examples:

Commands include things such as sit, down, stay, come, leave it, etc.
Behaviors include housebreaking, jumping, leash pulling, barking, etc.


Advanced Obedience

Whether you have a new puppy, or a mature dog, you can learn how to establish a working relationship with your dog and how to achieve your goals. Advanced obedience training includes more challenging commands, such as heel, stop, place etc. Additionally you and your dog work on expanding known commands to include increased distance and higher level distractions and put an emphasis on manners. Manners would be greeting people or other dogs without jumping or barking and leash walking nicely.

At the completion of Advanced Obedience, I will give your dog or puppy the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. I have been an Evaluator for AKC for more than 10 years and I can prepare and certify your dog for this prestigious award.

Testing requirements and further information about AKC and their Canine Good Citizen (C.G.C) certification can be found at AKC Canine Good Citizen