Specialty training

Therapy Team Prepartation

Therapy work is a very rewarding experience for you, your dog and the community. Therapy dogs enrich people's lives, while giving you and your dog unique experiences. It's a great way to keep them active out in the community for years and years.
At the conclusion of therapy training, you and your dog will be thoroughly prepared to test as a Therapy Dog Team for Therapy Dogs International (TDI). I have trained over 310 Therapy Teams in the Central Florida area and look forward to use out extensive knowledge and experience  to continue this program in Connecticut. 

Training is a 7 step process where we will work in different locations to get you and your dog accustomed to working around new and distracting environments. Unlike many other companies that train for therapy work, I will set up an evaluator to give you and your dog the test and be present throughout your testing experience.

Interested in therapy training ??, you and your dog must already know the commands sit, down, stay, come, heel and leave it. They must also be 1+ years old.
You can get all the testing details and learn about requirements at Therapy Dogs International or you can contact me.

Jessie volunteering in a hospital setting, giving support to both the nurses and patients.

Jessie volunteering in a hospital setting, giving support to both the nurses and patients.

Service Team Training

Service dogs are trained to perform necessary tasks for an individual person.  This can include support for standing or sitting, retrieval of needed items (i.e. medication, water bottle, etc.), alerting to a certain medical condition or blocking in a crowd of person, for example. 

These dogs are expected to have top notch obedience and be capable of ignoring intense distraction in order to perform their job. 

Greathouse Dog Training has extensive experience in this area, having trained many dogs to work with clients who have PTSD, Autism, hearing loss and Diabetes, to name a few. This type of training requires knowledge of Connecticut state laws and  is highly customized and we would love to answer any questions you may have!