Jessie's wall of paws


Jessie was our very first Therapy Dog. She was incredibly intelligent,  loving and sweet and touched the lives of so many. She worked mainly with children with Autism, getting some over their fear of dogs and even getting a couple of them to say their first words! Not only did she work with children, Jessie frequently visited hospitals and nursing homes, and greatly loved interacting with both patients and staff there. Jessie obtained over 360 hours of volunteer work before her passing and is the reason we work so had to ensure that the community continues to have well trained Therapy Dogs that have the passion and desire to continue what she started and follow in her "pawsteps".  

This Wall of Paws recognizes and celebrates our graduates once they pass their preparation and test. We want to wish every one of our therapy teams the best of luck in the community and thank you for the amazing work you will do in making others smile!